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When my son was two years old, not that long after I gave my heart to Christ, he started having night terrors (and later sleep paralysis). Unfortunately I had no idea that those things existed, in fact I called what my son was going through night terrors, thinking that I had completely made that term up. I was later shook when I found out that what he went through and what I called it was a real medical term and condition.

“I was a single mom without much support and I felt completely helpless”

My son would wake up in the dead of night screaming at the top of his lungs. I tried to wake him up, to comfort him, I prayed over him, nothing I did helped. It seemed it just had to run its course. This happened maybe once or twice a week for awhile, sometimes he would go a month or so without them, but they always came back. As he got a little older, along with the night terrors he started waking up and saying “I scared, I scared” over and over, not moving at all but staring at the ceiling like something was there. I felt distraught, I was a single mom without much support and I felt completely helpless.

“I brought up my sons night terrors… and she told me something that changed our lives.”

Around the time my son turned four, I started a small bible study with a friend of the family, we were devoted to learning about God’s grace and our identity in Christ. I brought up my sons night terrors in one of our meetings (they were happening almost every other night) and she told me something that changed our lives. She said I should read Psalms 91 to him before bed, so I did, I read to him for almost two weeks. As soon as I started his sleep was peaceful and he has not had one night of sleep paralysis or woken up screaming since then… My son is now 14!

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” Mishlei (Pro)‬ ‭3:24‬ ‭CJB

I need to address two important things, so please keep reading 🙂

#1 Studies show the majority of people that have night terrors have been through trauma and may be experiencing PTSD. If you have any form of sleeping disorder I advise you seek a Doctor to better understand what is going on. Consider therapy by a licensed professional as well, I have had quite a few Christian counselors who had their Masters in counseling and I found them to be the best. Just because someone is a Pastor doesn’t mean they have all the answers.

#2 I’m not saying that if you do this for yourself or child, it will have the same results. Everyones journey with God is different, some receive instantaneous healing or miracles, and some do not. All I know is Gods word says that the TRUTH will set us free (John 8:32). It was the truth in Gods word that I spoke to my son and my own heart, that changed things. God used that horrible circumstance to show me the power of His word and that His will is to protect us.

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